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Services For Attorneys

We Offer Services For Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation Attorneys. Our Services Are Private Under Attorney - Client Confidence. Our Services Can Be Performed At Your Office Or Ours. Testing Can Be Coordinated At Detention Facilities. We Are Available For Federal Or State Court Appointment.

Criminal Defense
Pre-Indictment: A successful polygraph examination might offer the aggressive defense needed to avoid the filing of formal charges.

Post-Indictment: A positive polygraph examination result can provide bargining power to convince a prosecutor to drop charges or enter into plea negotiations.
Witnesses: Are your defense witnesses credible?

Sentencing: A polygraph examination could be used to support your mitigation arguments.
Rule 32 Protection: Have you really done everything you could to verify your client's claims? A polygraph examination can be an important part of your due diligence in case preparation.

Civil Litigation
Claims Verification: Polygraph evidence can be used to verify your client's claims when other evidence is unavailable.
Regulatory Boards: Polygraph evidence can be offered to address charges filed before regulatory boards when your client's profession is at stake.