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Services For Immigration Attorneys

Our polygraph examiner is certified as an Immigrations Credibility Assessment Registered Examiner (I-CARE) and is specially qualified to assist in your immigrations case preparation. Polygraph evidence has been accepted by Asylum Officers and Immigrations Judges. Our examiner is available to provide expert testimony per Federal Rule of Evidence 702

Asylum (I-589) & Parole
Our polygraph examiners can verify your client's information to provide proof that exceeds the preponderance of the evidence you need for a successful outcome.

Verification of Claims
In cases of alleging Political or Religious Persecution, Violence Against Women, Marriage Fraud, Torture, Terrorism, Human Trafficking, and Dream Act Considerations we can verify your clients claims the same polygraph techniques utilized by the Federal government.

Protect Your Law Practice
Insulate your law practice against government claims of collusion, fraud, or suborning perjury by employing U.S. Government validated methods.